5000 Series Digital Portable Multimeter with Bluetooth

Simpson Electric’s NEW Series 5005/5006 Digital Portable Multimeters with Bluetooth are designed for professionals and offer safe, reliable use. The rugged device features a high-resolution display, large range count, and is equipped with more than 30 different measurement functions.

Features and Benefits

  • View real time data and multimeter screen on your cell phone
  • Log data into cell phone for easy on-field measurements
  • Set functionality on multimeter mobile device – two-way communication
  • Data logger & view function (up to 32,000 readings)
  • Plug & play USB connectivity with PC for report generation
  • 100kHz bandwidth for high frequency signal measurement
  • 1kHz low pass filter mode for accurate measurement at VFD
  • Go-No-Go function to check pass/fail of devices
  • VAC with 1MOhm impedance mode to eliminate ghost voltages
  • 4-20A/0-20mA scale type measurement
  • Single fuse for mA & A
  • Adjustable square wave output
  • Temperature measurement with J, K, Pt100 & Pt1000 sensors
  • External power adapter to operate meter on Mains to preserve battery life
  • Selectable clamp ratio for high current measurement
  • Conductance and frequency/time period measurement


2 Year Warranty

Model #5005BT – Order Part #50123
Model #5006BT – Order Part #50124

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