Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all new meters come calibrated from the factory. NIST Certification sheets are available with or without data for an additional fee upon request. Certs need to be requested when placing the order.

For analog meters – electrical input, dial data, size, shape, quantity, and any additional features required 
For digital meters – input, size, how many digits, power supply, special scaling required, quantity, and any additional features required.

A current transformer is commonly used when AC current levels to be monitored exceed 75 amperes. It produces a 5 amp output for each primary range. The transformer provides additional isolation from the conductor. 

You can use a 186 current transformer that converts a current signal to a 0-10ACV signal. This signal can be easily transmitted to a remote location with little voltage drop. 

If the meter is monitoring current, you wire it up in series. If it’s monitoring voltage, you wire it up in parallel. 

Digital panel meters are custom ordered to fit your application. Please contact the factory if you need assistance. 

Digits are a measure of the display span of a panel meter. 
3.5 digit is 199.9 
4.5 digit is 1999.9