Simpson’s Bear Programmable Advanced Digital Panel Meter Controls Functions and Displays Precise, Accurate Readings

Lac du Flambeau, WI – Simpson Electric Company, a leader in the field of panel meters and test equipment, has introduced the Bear programmable digital panel meter, a unique meter that displays precision measurement with an immediate visual indication of critical parameters. It controls other systems in the process it monitors, and enables engineers and panel builders to program the scale and annunciators to tailor the LCD display for their exact needs. In addition, dynamic backlighting provides a visual alert when a parameter is out of range. These features are all user-customizable through the free configurator software available from Simpson.

The Bear meter is programmable to operate in four different meter options: Volts/Amps/Frequency Meter; Rate/Flow/Velocity Meter; Process Meter; and a Shunt Meter. The user programs the Bear through a computer and an included USB port and cable. The programming can create bar graphs and pre-set alarms that alert operators when an established parameter is out of range. The screen also incorporates a message board that displays 4-character custom messages, alarms and annunciators that keep the operator informed. It also creates backlighting that colors the screen white, red or green to instantly indicate the state of the system being monitored.

 The Bear meter interacts with other equipment within the process by using control relays that are included with the meter. Outputs over those relays can also be configured as 4 to 20 mA re-transmission outputs.

Simpson’s innovative technology brings a greater level of accuracy to the process, rate and shunt meter functions through input signal optimization. By using this technology, accuracy of 0.1% or better is achieved, allowing for more precise measurement, display and control. Non-linear sensors, such as thermocouples and pressure transducers, can also be used in these functions, thanks to software that allows the user to configure up to 20 points in a non-linear conversion table.

The Bear is rated NEMA Type 4 and 12, and is CE, RoHS and UL certified. It is designed for installation in panels used to control a wide variety of systems in a range of industrial settings, from monitoring and displaying the volume of fluid in a tank to the volume of solid material in a silo.

Simpson Electric Company, a Native American, minority-owned, HUB Zoned certified company purchased by the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians in 1985, has been a leader in the panel and test instrument industry since 1934. Today, Simpson continues its commitment to quality and innovation, and is dedicated to the highest level of customer service and company growth. For further information about Simpson and its products, visit or call (715) 588-3947.