Product Specific Help: Model 897 Dosimeter

Model 897 Dosimeter General Help

Criterion Level
The decibel level for which 100% dose will be achieved if exposure lasts eight hours. For example: if the criterion level is set to 90 dB, then spending eight hours in an environment at 90 dB will result in a reading of 100% Dose.

The percent dose achieved using an eight hour time base. Dose is calculated based on OSHA mandated maximum sound exposure.

Exchange Rate
The exchange rate is the number of dB’s below the criterion level that results in a 50% reduction in dose. For example: with the criterion level set at 90 dB and the Exchange Rate set at 5 dB, a reading of 50% dose will occur when the dosimeter is exposed to 85 dB for eight hours.

The average sound pressure level for one minute in dose mode.

The eight hour time weighted average sound level, expressed in dB. This value takes into account all sound measurement between the threshold level and the Leq upper limit.

Leq Upper Limit
This is the maximum sound level the dosimeter will measure. The dosimeter uses no sound levels above this value in calculating Leq or dose.

The maximum sound pressure level measured in a given one minute interval.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
The momentary pressure measurement expressed in dB as a ratio to a given power level.

Maximum sound level achieved in dose mode.

Threshold Level
The dosimeter will not include any sound levels under this value in the dose calculation. For example: if the threshold level is set at 80 dB, the dosimeter will not use any sound levels below 80 dB in the calculation of dose.

Downloading data from the Model 897 into HyperTerminal 

NOTE: Microsoft does not include a HyperTerminal program in Windows 7

1. Connect dosimeter to available COM port using the optional RS-232 serial cable.
2. Start HyperTerminal.
3. In connection description window, establish a new connection by choosing a name and icon, click OK. 
4. In phone number window, connect using: direct to necessary COM port, click OK.
5. Set port settings to match the dosimeter (flow control=Xon/Xoff), click OK. 
6. Press PRINT on the dosimeter.
7. Data should now be displayed.
8. Save data and/or print. 

Link to purchase software to download with RS232 since Microsoft does not include a HyperTerminal in Windows 7.