444-2 Micro-Ohmmeter

High accuracy and a high resolution 4-1/2 digit LCD display make the 444-2 perfect for testing conductive coatings, high power fuses, and antenna grounding systems. With a test voltage of only 100 MicroVolts, the 444-2 will not “punch through” contamination or corrosion. The 444-2 accepts the Universal AC Line input Voltage range of 85 to 250VAC and comes with a manual, Line Cord, Ni-Cad battery, and 2 test leads. Each test lead incorporates a BNC connector on one end and a Kelvin clip on the other.

  • Measures from 50 micro-ohm to 20 ohms
  • 20,000 Count 4-1/2 Digit LCD Display
  • 2 Measurement Methods: AC pulse or DC polarity switching for inductive loads
  • AC Test Mode Cancels Offset Voltages and Thermocouple Effects
  • Punch-Through Prevention by 100 MicroVolts Max Test Voltage
  • Universal AC Line Input voltage range of 85 to 250VAC
  • Battery-powered for field use with a typical battery life of 10 hours
  • User-adjustable, low-resistance alarm


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